Bulldog Superchip

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  1. Every year there are harrowing tales of dogs who go overboard or are left behind at ports of call.

  2. The simple solution: commit to a reasonable amount of exercise for your dog each day.The opposite problem can also occur.

  3. And off in the distance, the chimes at Angels Rest memorial grove blow sweetly in the breezea reminder of the 4,000 animals who rest there in peace.

  4. Of course when humans see this, they laugh, and often encourage the dog on.

  5. When he was a puppy, I was in my dressing room, warming up as normal and he started singing.

  6. You know, I watched the movie so many times when I was little.

  7. After all, we have at least one thing in common: loving Rocco.

  8. I am contemplating giving Bruce away but Ilove him so much.