Assembling the Art World in the Heart of L.A.


World Wide ART, Los Angeles, CAOCTOBER 16-19, 2014

Scheduled at the beginning of the international art fair season, Worldwide Art Los Angeles will unveil a powerfully diverse collection of contemporary, international art. Set on the modern stage of the Los Angeles Convention Center, the fair will serve as a visual montage of art in 2014, as it exists across the globe. Visitors will be welcomed into the vivid imaginations of the world’s artists, moving from nation to nation in a matter of steps.

Boutia Moshiri, who’ll be exhibiting at World Wide Art LA this year, shares her journey with breast cancer and how it’s influenced her “Mermaid” artwork series. We had a very heartfelt and emotional discussion ranging over her emotional and spiritual state of mind.  Find the questions and answers where Boutia shares all.  Visit...

Art is not bound by one medium or movement and is pursued regardless of power or profit. In this spirit, World Wide Art Los Angeles will be inclusive of both classic and contemporary art forms, united for the unique purpose of reflecting this moment in art.

Art also provides an elegant voice that influences major issues across the world. It not only reveals the identity of a culture, but functions within the culture as the utmost medium in raising awareness over major issues and new ideas circulating that community. Many artists today express and represent an influence on social, cultural, political and environmental themes from the personal to the political, the private to the public and the national to the global. We are providing dedicated spaces inside the show hall, where visitors will have the chance to walk through and visually explore these topics.

We are honored to invite you to share in an art experience that transcends borders and honors the universal pursuit of creative expression.