Artavita is an online gallery where artists can see and be seen, while staying current on upcoming events, exhibitions and opportunities to share their work. Designed for artists by artists, creating a profile and displaying your work on Artavita is completely free. Artists and gallery owners alike are invited to sign up to become a part of this growing community of those of us who have chosen a life in art.
Artavita was created by a team of international gallery owners and artists who wanted to design a space where artists could come together and display their work in the way it was meant to be seen on screen. As an ever-evolving encyclopedia of today’s art world, artists and gallery owners come to Artavita to share their latest portfolios, premieres, openings and exhibitions.

Artavita for Artists

Artists on Artavita have the opportunity to exhibit their work and share their latest news with fellow artists and gallery owners from around the world. Artavita offers artists a free profile page on which to display portfolios of unlimited works and collections. 

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