Artist's Biography

Boutia Moshiri graduated in 1982 at Middlesex Polytechnic,  London (presently known as Middlesex University) in Printing Textiles.

She lived most of her life in London and married in December of 1996 in New York. Subsequently, she moved to New York City and lived there for eight and half years.  After birth to her only son, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which was a new challenge to cope with pain and running a family.

In May 2004, she moved with her family to San Diego, California.  All these years she has been active in different fields of art, being commissioned by MetLife, designing Tee Shirts and selling paintings privately or through galleries.

In August 2007 she was diagnosed with breast cancer for which she had to receive treatments for a minimum of five years. Side effects of the treatments and their interactions with her Rheumatoid Athirst caused a lot of mood swings and emotional disturbance.

She decided to sooth herself during this period of difficult time by producing a collection, which resonates her feelings.

The collection is called “My Journey”.


Personal information and other activities,

 1982, BA (Hons) Printing Textiles, London

1988, Computer Design, Parsons, New York


1985, Liberty, London

1986, Soho Gallery, London

2001, MetLife, Commissioned Art Work, New York

2010-2011, Del Mar Art Center, San Diego

2011- Carlsbad Village Association, Thursday on the Coast,

           “The Experience”

2014, April- Artexpo/Solo,  New York

2014, October- WorldWide Art LA, Los Angeles

2014, November- Art San Diego Museum, San Diego